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Cancer Center Staff



WellSpring Oncology was created in 2007 to bring new cancer treatment technologies to Pinellas County, Florida.

Dr. Frank Franzese, Dr. Robert Miller, Dr. Zucel Solc, Dr. Debra Freeman, and Dr. Craig Miercort, the physicians who have been providing and innovating radiation therapy since the 1970s, formed WellSpring to ensure that patients in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida have access to the latest technology normally found only in major academic cancer centers.

Our physicians are all board certified in radiation oncology and received their training at the top medical training centers in the country.

Front Office      
  Receptionist Patti Richard (727) 343-0600 prichard@wellspringoncology.org
  Receptionist Sandi Wendt (727) 343-0600 swendt@wellspringoncology.org
  Medical Records Janet McNamara (727) 329-6240 jmcnamara@wellspringoncology.org
Administrative Team      
  Executive Director  Lan Pratt MBA, BSRT(T) (727) 329-5431 lnguyen@wellspringoncology.org
  Administrative Asst. Elizabeth Chason (727) 329-5428 echason@wellspringoncology.org
  Transcriptionist Robyn Rodriguez (727) 343-0600 rrodriguez@wellspringoncology.org
Billing Department      
  Billing/Bus. Manager Janet Starr  (727) 329-5427 jstarr@wellspringoncology.org
  Chart/Billing Auditor Sherrill Fetting (727) 329-5416 sfetting@wellspringoncology.org
  Authorizations Tiffany Culgan (727) 329-5415 tculgan@wellspringoncology.org
  Financial Advocate Janet McNamara (727) 329-6240 mcnamara@wellspringoncology.org
  Accounts Receivables Christine Weiss (727) 344-6205 cweiss@wellspringoncology.org
Nursing Department
  Nurse Practitioner Sandy Reese ARNP (727) 329-5417 sreese@wellspringoncology.org
  Nurse Nancy Fashbaugh RN (727) 329-5417 nfashbaugh@wellspringoncology.org
  Nurse Alysia Quinn RN (727) 329-5417 aquinn@wellspringoncology.org
  Nursing Assistant Stacey Scaggs (727) 329-5417 sscaggs@wellspringoncology.org
Radiation Department
  Chief Radiation Therapist Brad Lotozynski RT(T) (727) 329-5440 blotozynski@wellspringoncology.org
  Radiation Therapist Terri Grisaffe BSRT(T) (727) 329-5440 tgrisaffe@wellspringoncology.org
  Radiation Therapist Tamara Guthrie RT(T) (727) 329-5440 tguthrie@wellspringoncology.org
  Radiation Therapist Todd Smith RT(T) (727) 329-5440 tsmith@wellspringoncology.org
  Radiation Therapist Kim Urbas MS, BSRT(T) (727) 329-5440 kurbas@wellspringoncology.org
Quality Assurance      
Safety Officer
Kent Larsen PhD (727) 329-5435 klarsen@wellspringoncology.org
  Junior Physicist Jorge Hurtado MS (727) 329-5435 jhurtado@wellspringoncology.org
Treatment Planning      
  Dosimetrist  Lisa Fernandez RT(T)CMD (727) 343-0600 lfernandez@wellspringoncology.org
  Dosimetrist  Jean Martin RT(R)(T)CMD (727) 343-0600 jmartin@wellspringoncology.org
  Dosimetrist  David Smith BS  (727) 343-0600 dsmith@wellspringoncology.org